At the Feet of Mothers Blog Tour

Author: Adnan Mahmutovic Publisher: Cinnamon Press Pub Date: May 4, 2020 Blurb: Joseph Schneider grows up in a Cherokee-Jewish family in the Smoky mountains of North Carolina. He dreams to be a cook on the biggest ship there is in the world but his attachment to his mother Rachel and his rootedness to the little […]

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Time capsule post: Coronavirus

I’m originally writing this on April 22nd, 2020 at 5:30 a.m. We’ve been social distancing for over a month now and it’s given me a lot of time to think about what I want in life. It’s really messed up my sleep schedule but having no set schedule all day has made me realize what […]

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OWL Magical Readathon 2020

Last year I did the OWL Magical Readathon. I completely failed the NEWTs to the point I didn’t even post about them and was in a weird slump after and for the longest time past that. But we’re social distancing and my work isn’t open again until at least the 19th. So I decided to […]

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T-3 weeks: Run Disney

This week I was super sluggish because I wasn’t having much coffee and I feel like I wasn’t sleeping as much as normal. That mixed with the fact that I failed at eating healthy it was just an overall bad week.

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Dream October TBR

I know it was an ambitious TBR but I keep adding to it each year when I inevitably don’t get to them all. And to be fair: it wasn’t and isn’t going to happen so may as well dream big right?

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Bird Box: Book to Movie

If anyone tried the bird box challenge they instantly lost cool points in my book. Due to me feeling like death a couple months ago I watched the Bird Box movie relatively quickly after reading the book in January. I thought I should do a book to movie comparison/ review before I forget everything. I […]

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