Tough Mudder Training: Month One

Technically it’s been a little over a month since I signed up for the Tough Mudder and I still have like five months until we do it.

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January wrap-up

So January came and went and now it’s halfway through February and I still haven’t talked about it. It was a pretty great month. It seemed like it went on forever though and then the first two weeks of February went by in the blink of an eye. 

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February TBR

However, I decided to do a shorter TBR in February for that reason along with the fact I’m reading some big books I want to make massive progress on. 

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No Exit: ARC Review

This. Book. I thought I was a little sick of thrillers and my normal reads (the horror!) and then this book came and knocked me out of the water. It was absolutely amazing and well crafted and the characters!! 

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December Wrap-Up

So I was planning on writing this within the first couple days of 2019… and that obviously didn’t happen. Wine and Beer Walk– I went to this sampling event where you get a punch card and go to 24 different locations downtown and get a sample of either wine or beer at each one. We […]

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My First Bullet Journal

About a month ago I decided to buy my very first bullet journal after watching many videos and reading many blog posts about everyone’s spreads. Luna saw my post about how I wanted to start and she sent me some cute little stamps and adorable beedoo Harry Potter stickers! I also bought some letters in […]

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