Countries to revisit via books

Every once in a while I get really reminiscent of my semester abroad, where I could leave the city and two hours later be in another country. I kind of want to read more books from different countries, either author or setting. I decided what better place to start than the countries I’ve been to.

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Sleeping Beauties: Book review

Author: Stephen King Publisher: Scribner US Pub Date: Sept 26, 2017 In Two Sentences: In a world much like today’s women start becoming wrapped in cocoons when they fall asleep and if they’re awoken they become violent. Then the men discover one woman is immune to this. My Thoughts: Reading the synopsis this was one of those “I […]

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Books recommended to me- 2018

I work at a bookstore. I have for a couple years now and even though I don’t work on the floor we all talk about books and shove recommendations on each other. Below are a couple recommendations from our booksellers personalized to me. And just so we’re clear: I did these during our slow season/ […]

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The Sunshine Award

It always makes me so happy when I get nominated for different awards. And I honestly love doing them! This time I got nominated by the amazing Reg from Bookish in Bed not just once but twice because that’s how much I procrastinated on the first one. Her blog is amazing and you should definitely check […]

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