5 times It’s Perfectly Fine to Have Bad Breath

I’m the one in my friend group that is guilty of having gum in my mouth about 60% of the time But I have to admit having bad breath comes in handy sometimes.

  1. When the guy you hate comes up and starts talking to you. I’m guessing they won’t want to talk to you for long if your breath smells bad.
  2. When you first wake up in the morning. Face it, no one wakes up with minty fresh breath. It’s okay.
  3. At the club/ dance/ party when you just want to have fun with the girls. Granted, your breath probably smells like alcohol, it will keep the players away so you can have fun with your friends. I guarantee they won’t care what your breath smells like.
  4. After you finish your cup of coffee. I know, it’s tempting to put gum in your mouth right after you finish a cup, but then you can’t enjoy the aftertaste. Just for ten minutes. Then have gum. For the people that are around you in that ten minutes, they’ll probably understand.
  5. When you’re alone. Then there’s no one to judge.

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