Following Life’s Path

I think everyone has an idol when they’re growing up. A model of who they aspire to be. I had a couple growing up, my mom, grandma, J.K. Rowling, to name a few.There were some people I read about, others I knew and my life plan changed as my role models changed. I kept expecting my life to pan out how my idol’s did and I was disappointed each time my life didn’t match up.

Sometime around sophomore year it clicked that I wasn’t going to meet a man in swing dance club, my knight in shining armor wasn’t going to sweep me off my feet at some dance. I wasn’t going to be on a train somewhere and come up with a million dollar idea. I wasn’t going to be approached. I had to do all the work.

This was when I really started to grow. I started doing better in classes, making more friends that introduced me to different clubs, positions and experiences. I started doing things because I wanted to, not because I should. Since making these changes I have never been happier.

I lost a lot of friends during this time, whether it be growing apart from high school friends or just because I changed activities I was in. Throughout this I have become so much more content in my life and have gone farther than I ever thought I would have been by now.


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