I got placed!

Well, it’s official. This morning I was cleaning out my coffee maker and checking my email. I hadn’t heard from Oliver about internship placements but my friends were getting interviews set up with different companies. I was getting slightly worried that he was having trouble placing me, or that I had filled out an application or form wrong. I was worrying I had a slight typo and since it’s for an editing job that’s a big no-no. We were told we wouldn’t know about our placements until late October or early November so I was trying to tell myself it wasn’t that big of a deal I hadn’t heard from Oliver yet. When I saw his name I expected an email saying I have to set up an interview time. Instead, it was an email saying Simon and Schuster wanted me after seeing my resume, cover letter and all of the other forms they had been sent.

I basically geeked out because any respectable English major knows Simon and Schuster is one of the major publishing houses in the world. They have offices in the USA, Canada, Australia and England. I could not have asked for a better opportunity for my internship. It seems I will be mainly marketing, social media and general office tasks. They have an amazing reputation and it will open so many doors for me and hopefully (fingers crossed) a job for them in New York City after graduation.


2 thoughts on “I got placed!

  1. emilynshowers says:

    This is huge! Jenna, I am so excited to hear about this. Simon and Schuster, sounds like you’ll be getting your foot in the door. Also, do you ever plan on writing a book?


  2. insidejksmind says:

    Thanks! I’ve tried but I get so busy that I don’t think I will write a full length novel for a while. I have written some shorter stuff that I’m in the process of submitting though. Hopefully someday I’ll have time to write something longer.

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