Hunting for Apartments

This week has been full of craziness and lots of responsibilities. In addition to what I normally do from week to week it was midterms, which means lots more papers and planning taking place. I only had one actually due and then a couple tests; I crushed one with a 100% and the other was way better than I thought I was going to do. I had a speech on Wednesday about careers in book publishing. I was nervous and under time but at the end my teacher asked me to tell everyone about my internship. She then complimented me on my PowerPoint because I just had a couple words on each slide and then talked about each one in more detail. I thought that was pretty standard, but apparently it isn’t.

Brynn and I had another apartment showing Monday morning and I liked it a lot more than the one we had seen last Thursday. It was a lot cheaper, with more included which was really nice. All we would have to pay for is air conditioning and internet, as opposed to all utilities and internet. While we were there one of the keys was not working in the door so we had to wait for maintenance to come, which only took about ten minutes, talk about fast service. The rooms were spacious enough for me to bring my big bed from back home and then just have a small bed at home. The rooms are more evenly sized so we won’t have to fight over that, just the amount of windows because both of us want two windows. We turned in the application today before classes and then planned a fundraiser to raise money for United Way within my hall.

That was just a couple of the things going on this week, but also housing forms for next semester got completed. I’m super proud that I got almost everything I wanted to get done with this week. It’ll make my weekend so much more relaxing.


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