To Milwaukee I Go!

Yesterday I woke up at 7:30 a.m. to drive down to Milwaukee for a biometrics test. This sounds like something painful, long and boring. Instead it was something super simple and fast.

My dad picked me up and drove me down since I don’t have a car here. We arrived at the Department of Homeland Security and were greeted by metal detectors. I had to show my appointment receipt, identification card and had to shut off all my electronics. My bag went through the machine and apparently I forgot my clicker for school was in there so they had to go through it. I was told to not drink any of my water while I was in the building. That was the one part of the process I didn’t understand.

I went up to talk to a lady, she looked at my passport and gave me a number. I sat down to wait and less than ten minutes later my number was called out. She let me in, took my fingerprints and a picture of my face then told me to fill out an evaluation form and said I could leave.

The whole thing lasted only five minutes and then I got to go back. The only reasons I could think of that I had to go there for this appointment was because it was the Department of Homeland Security and because the fingerprint machine was big and fancy.


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