Things I learned in CIS

I probably learned the most practical skills in my Computer Information Science class out of all my classes this year. The teacher taught us JavaScript, but the lessons I learned from that can be carried over into other aspects of my life. These lessons may not have been about programming and the likes of that, though I did learn a lot, but also things that can apply to my life outside of school. Here’s a list of just a couple.

  1.  A capital letter could be the difference between right and wrong. This being said, it can also be the difference between something working and not working. Always check for capitals and punctuation in everything you do.
  2. Keep trying. This seems really basic, and something that shouldn’t need to be told over and over, but I found this was true. While working on different programs I had to keep troubleshooting and sometimes a program that would take the teacher five minutes would take me over two hours. I would keep playing around with all the different things, trying to get it to work the most efficiently, or in some cases to work.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Normally I am the type of person that refuses to ask anyone else for their input. I want to just sit and figure out what I’m doing wrong all by myself. However, barely any labs have gone by that I haven’t had to ask for help just once. I try to figure out the program for myself, but at the end of twenty minutes of struggling, I always decide to ask and get it explained to me so I know for next time.

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