Voice Mails Should Die

With today’s technology I view voice mails as useless.

On cell phones, the screen displays who a missed call is from. Normally, when a person calls to talk, they need to have a conversation, meaning you need to call them back anyway. So why waste time listening to a voice mail and deleting it anyway?

One thing that made me realize this was when I got an iPhone, which is a whole other thing. My iPhone no longer has wi-fi, meaning I have to turn on my limited data whenever I want to go on the internet or– wait for it– check my voice mail. I didn’t even activate my voice mail for the first three months, because I never used it. When Brynn and I started looking for an apartment I had no choice but to activate it.

Now, I have to waste both time and money in order to check my voice mails because there is generally important information from the rental company.


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