Freewrite Friday- The Well Part 2

Part 1

That was where she spent her days, huddled under the low trees. During the night she came out and reigned terror on the town. It started as killing animals, town dogs and cats, but as she grew more accustomed to eating larger animals she needed more to fill her up, eventually she switched to humans.

Her strength grew. One summer night, a month later, she traveled through the town, squatting down to avoid contact with those walking around, trying to keep order. They had a shiny blade that could cut anything it came in contact with. It terrified her so she didn’t want to be anywhere near it. She waited until they had passed her hiding space and jumped on one of their backs. She couldn’t wait any longer to feed. She landed on the man’s back and scratched the other man’s neck as he turned around. The man’s neck spurted blood and he crumpled on the ground, staining the dirt around him in the sticky liquid.

The other guard flipped over the girl, hoping to catch her by surprise, but she landed on her feet. Her agility came as second nature to her now. She thanked the foxes. He swiped and she dodged. It went like this for the next ten minutes. Terrified women looked on from their windows after hearing the ruckus, but none came to help.

With one fell swoop the man ran the sword through her stomach.


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