Seating Changes

When I was in high school I read about a study where students test better if they are in the same seat every day, and then test in the same seat. There’s the same type of thing with chewing gum when you’re learning and then again when you take your test. These are ways to boost your memory.

When I first heard this I was critical, how could your placement in a room, or breath really be a factor on how you do on a test? Now, four years later, I believe in this more.

Being in college people are not required to go to classes so most choose to stay home on days that are not test days. This is the way my computer information science class is. The teacher puts up all the slides and examples online so it is possible to do all the work and not show up to class.

I learn better in classes and all my other classes are participation based I go to all my classes. Plus, I am paying however much to listen to these professors.

Then, test day comes and without fail, every single day, there is someone in my class. I have noticed a difference in my test scores when I don’t sit in my normal seat. Just my own personal experience, but it annoys me every time it happens.


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