If money wasn’t an object…

…what would you give the five most important people in your life?

Mom/ Grandma: her dream neighborhood with all her friends there. My grandma would live down the road with a golf course, there would be a pool, hot tub, big crafting room. The entire neighborhood would be fully staffed with maids so she had more time to write her great American novel

Dad: a couple weeks where he could just go up north and hunt, finish off the hunting cabin because I don’t think he wants anyone else finishing it

Brynn: A trip to Ireland for a semester and plane tickets and everything to travel all of Europe, and pay for her schooling

Wyatt: pay for him to be able to come to London with me (mainly because I’m selfish) along with all his schooling, private indoor tennis court and gym

Kate: buy her and Mark a house, pay for school and enough money to be able to start her own optometry business


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