Freewrite Friday- The End of the Rainbow

I ran, faster and farther than I ever had before. I looked down at my mileage on my watch. 5.7 miles. I stopped and heaved deep breaths. I took a chug of water and bounced from leg to leg. I should probably start heading back now. The rain came down heavier and heavier, despite the sun coming through the rain, I saw no sign of a rainbow.

I rotated and began to run again, I had gotten not even two yards when I tripped over something. I thought it was just a root so I reached down without thinking to untangle myself. Nope, not a root. It was slick and shiny. I reached down again and it was a little chest, about a foot tall and two feet wide. Maybe not tiny, but it didn’t look like it could hold much at all.

I undid the clasp, despite the warning I could hear in the back of my head and a light came out. I didn’t know what was happening but the entire woods filled up with light, I shut the chest with enough force to have broken a normal piece of wood. Terrified, I backed away until I hit a tree. I knelt down to get a better vantage point of it again and opened it just a little, until my eyes got used to the glow and then opened it a bit farther.

“What are you doing?” A little green man came out from behind a tree; he jumped on top of the chest, closing it just seconds after I removed my hands. “This is my gold, yes it is.”

I looked up, and sure enough, a rainbow was coming down just on top of it. “S-Sorry.” I stammered out before standing up. “I’ll just be going now.” I ran away.

Later that night, I laid in bed, wondering if it was all just a hallucination.


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