The Beginning

Tomorrow marks the first day of my first internship. It’s nerve wracking. They told us to dress better than what we think we should and get a feel of the work environment and change our style from there. That part I’m not nervous about.
I’ve talked to a couple different people about their internships and where they are and there’s no one that is headed in the same direction as me, but it’s only about a 40 minute walk, supposedly. It also says 2 miles, and at my walking rate that would be half an hour. Either way, I’m leaving two hours early because I have a feeling I’m going to yet lost… again. And if I miraculously don’t (it’s only two streets, can’t be that hard. Right?) then I’m going to stop at one of the many cafes to get scones and coffee or something.
For now, the most I can do is get some shut eye before the big day.


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