The First Day

Today I left my room relatively early because I wanted to make sure I a) got to my internship on time and b) was able to get food. Well, my dining card still does not work and no one can figure out why, but they told me to go to the accommodations desk and maybe they can figure it out, so I went and asked when they were open and it’s 9-5, the same time as my classes and internships. So I got my food, after a very long time of conversing with three different people and more communication and huffing from the girl working, and set off with Google maps up to find my way to Simon and Schuster. It wasn’t nearly as difficult or as long as I thought it was going to be the first day and only took me about 35 minutes, I did not get lost even once. I also found out I get to walk past the British Library every single work day on the way there which is pretty awesome. The company also pays for up to £10 a day for food and transportation to and from work. I walk the entire way so that leaves the entire thing for food. Today I got a chicken caesar wrap and peppermint tea for lunch and the place was slightly busy so I expected it to be decent food, but it was a little bland.

I spent the entire day double checking ISBN numbers and mailing packages for contest winners. It was a little overwhelming because they started off by giving me a thick instruction booklet, but half of it did not pertain to me and one of the girls said when they have me do things for the first time they’ll show me. This made the entire day a lot easier and it went by smoothly. The people I talked to were really nice.

Then I had to make my way back to the main building of Birkbeck for orientation part two and took a wrong turn but half the time I was wandering around trying to find my way I was actually at the back entrance of the building I had to be in. Some others in my group and I have noticed a trend: people in London point you in the opposite direction that you’re supposed to go, unless something is in it for them. Basically, go to one of the national places or a museum or something and you should be good, go to a little convince store, cafe or ask someone on the street, not so much. For example, I was two blocks away and popped into a store to ask what way the building was and they said they had never heard of it. Luckily, I managed to be connected to some random WiFi in that area.

After orientation Ashley and I tried to find food on the way back to the International Students House and we found Pret a Manger. They are a chain of organic food shops all around London. But we got some food that came heated, just sitting on a shelf and I was expecting gas station food, but it was one of the best things I’ve ever tried. It was a cheese and tomato crescent, though not very filling.


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