Big Ben and London Eye

Today a group of us walked around London on our way to Big Ben and the London Eye. International Programs wanted a picture of us all in London, but of course not everyone came and there was about half of us. I was amazed at Big Ben. It wasn’t there one second and then I stepped two feet forward and there it was.

DSCN0917 DSCN0918

We wanted to go in the London Eye, but unfortunately it’s closed for now because they’re doing maintenance, but we’ll get to it eventually. We didn’t get that close to it, we didn’t even fully cross the bridge, but I still took pictures, well apparently only one picture of the London Eye. Either way, I’m definitely going to return when it’s warmer and when the London Eye is working.


Then we started walking back to our place of residence and stopped at a whole foods, I was going to buy something but since it’s all organic, it was more expensive so I decided I’ll go to Sainsbury or Tesco, the local grocery stores, later and get some brain food.

I can definitely tell I am getting used to the London weather because it was 40 degrees today and I was really cold, I wanted gloves and to curl up in my bed. Back home when it’s 40 we all rejoice and go to the beach. Not really, but we could. Either way I’m not looking forward to next winter and I’m sorry for everyone with the -20 degree weather back home. I really shouldn’t complain. It’s in relation to the weather I’ve been so lucky to have that it feels cold.


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