King Henry IV part 2

On Thursday my Shakespeare class went to see King Henry IV part 2. There’s three plays that were included in the cost of this class and we jumped right in with the first play we read. The group we saw was the Royal Shakespeare Company, and over all, it was good, not something i would have spent money on again, but it was good for the experience and I’m glad I went.

The introduction of this play was well done, it had a modern twist to it. Rumour came onstage and halfway through his phone started ringing and hashtags started appearing on the screen. This was probably done to get everyone’s attention and it made the introduction easier for those who hadn’t read the play to understand it. Rumour was also wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt. I was slightly hoping the modernized twist would continue throughout, but it didn’t. That did not make it bad though.

The costumes were elaborate and reflected the costumes in the movie version we watched in class and it made me wonder if they used that version as inspiration. I especially liked Shadow’s costume. He looked like an emo kid that outgrew his clothes. It seemed fitting.

Flagstaff and Wart were my favorites. Wart was always wandering around when he was on stage and Flagstaff was just believable. You only saw Wart’s face for a couple seconds because he was so hunched down the entire time. That, combined with his dull beige costume added to his character.

A couple things that really annoyed me were that they did not use the stage as much as they could have. They had such an elaborate set and only used about 1/3 of it. There was a trapdoor which was kinda awesome.


There were also times, moreso in the beginning, I could tell it was scripted and it ruined the scene for me. Thankfully, this became less and less as the show went on.


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