Intern Bonding

Work has been obnoxious. Some days I’m running from one end of the office to the other mailing everything out and the next I’m sitting at a computer for four hours putting together a newsletter. But I never cease to learn something new. Today  I was finishing up a project the last intern had been working on, making a list of national holidays in the UK. Needless to say, I spent a good amount of time on google. He hit all the major ones like New Years and Boxing day, but it was up to me to find the different ones, such as Friendship Day.

Well, apparently the intern before me still works for the company, right now he’s in the sales department, so I got to have a tea break and talk about work with him. He gave me a couple pointers I already heard from countless other people, but it sounds completely different coming from someone who has been in the same position.

He also told me when Gayle Forman comes to visit I should go to at least one of the events to see how that side of the company works, he had gotten to do this when Becca Fitzpatrick came over. I was planning on asking Liz about this anyway though.

He also told me I should talk to someone in every department, he especially liked the rights group, they apparently get to travel a lot and they basically deal with international rights and contracts from what I gathered.

On Tuesday we had another Internship class, this one was how to market our study abroad experience and talked a lot about resumes and social media presence, which I thought was ironic because I just deleted my twitter from high school because I never use it anymore and because the application for the job I want this summer comes out on Sunday. It was really beneficial and he even gave us handouts so we remember it all.


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