Spitalfield and Tate Modern

Some friends and I went to Spitalfield Market last Friday and it was the cutest little market we’ve been at yet. The clothes were adorable and the only reason I didn’t come away with a new dress is that I didn’t know what size I would be. I found a top I absolutely LOVED, but we couldn’t find the lady that owned the stand anywhere to see how much it cost. Normally at these places as soon as you touch something, or even look at something, the person comes over. We went to a couple more stands and eventually I saw a purse and my first reaction was “I need it.” The purse I had been using was a couple years old and was starting to tear from trying to fit everything in for my internship. Different folders, notebooks, an umbrella, book and the occasional pair of shoes managed to find their way into my purse every single day. I looked at the price, 13 pounds. The guy that worked the stand came over and told me they were actually only 10 so I snatched it up. It is a slightly different color than it originally looked, but I still think it’s amazing, and for at least 1/3 the price of a purse in the stores.

Before we left we went to Lola’s Cupcake stand and got a couple. According to my friend’s roommate these were the best cupcakes she’s ever had. I got a red velvet cupcake and it was amazing, despite there being a little too much cream cheese on the top. Then we split one; I think it was cookies and creme. It had an Oreo on the top and wasn’t as good as the one I had previously eaten. I’m just not a cupcake person though, so that may have been it, the first one tasted more like cake and the second one like a cupcake.

We also went to Tate Modern and I figured out I will never understand modern art. We walked in and it was an open space. Ummm…. Okay? We looked around for a bit, trying to figure out where to go and eventually went up some stairs and then down an escalator to get to an exhibit. A lot of the art was things I thought “I could do that…. but I didn’t.” There was a quote and a video that did catch my eye though. The video was interesting because we walked into a room that was completely dark and then on the walls there were barely there shapes on the walls which flashed into existence for a little bit. The website explains it a lot better, but it’s called Tiny Deaths. Then there was a quote on the wall by Jalaluddin Rumi:

Distance and nearness are attributes of bodies

The journeyings of spirits are after another sort.

You journeyed from the embryo state to rationality

without footsteps or stages or change of place.

The journey of the soul involves not time and place.

And my body learnt from the soul its mode of journeying.

Now my body has renounced the bodily mode of journeying.

It journeys secretly and without form, though under a form.

I don’t exactly know why, but I found this to be really comforting, and relaxing.

On the way to Tate Modern we also passed by three different significant bridges, the Tower Bridge, London Bridge (which was actually really unimpressive. We have better bridges back home) and Millennium Bridge which was used in Harry Potter. I’m going to have to go back through this route at some point because it was beautiful and I forgot my camera and hadn’t gone back because I didn’t think I was going to need it.


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