Paris Days 2 and 3

As promised in Paris Days 1 and 2:

While in Paris, our tour guide finally enlightened us on the reason British people drive on the left side of the road. It was because the Romans did so when they went into Battle the opponents would be on the right and they could draw their swords. I guess it makes sense, I still think we drive on the RIGHT side of the road.

On our second day in Paris we had a walking tour of one of the areas. During this we saw Moulin Rouge, well the place it’s based off of. I feel bad, but I’ve never actually seen this movie all the way through. I’ve started it countless times and the farthest I have ever gotten was five minutes to the end. Then one of my friends called me and said if I wasn’t over there in two minutes they were leaving without me. Since it was my DVD I figured I could finish it later… and it didn’t happen.


The tour guide also showed us two different pillars, one of which has the cremated remains of those killed in the revolution of July in the 1830s and the other one which stands where the guillotine once stood. Unfortunately these pictures are on my iPhone, which is currently not cooperating.

On Saturday we went to Versailles.  My favorite part was definitely the gardens. They stretched on as far as I could see and a part of me wishes I could have just spent the entire day roaming around them, but we only had a couple hours.  Everything inside was so elaborate that no one could possibly take it all in in just one trip.

Originally we weren’t going to go to Versailles, but we were told by multiple people we would regret it if we didn’t go, so our wonderful tour guide pulled some strings and we got to go anyway.

DSCN1128      DSCN1130


Later that night we went to the Eiffel Tower, and saw it sparkle twice, once when we were on it and once when we were about to leave. On our way down one of my friends jumped off on first floor, so obviously I followed because otherwise I’d just be waiting. Then there was only room for one of us on the elevator going down so I went back to the bus to beg the tour guide to wait just a little bit and that they were on the next elevator down. He was fine with it, the bus driver was impatient but he waited in the end.

DSCN1209                             DSCN1219

DSCN1212      DSCN1216

The pictures honestly do not do this view justice, though they came out better than expected. I hope to go all the way to the top someday.

Before we left on Sunday we went to the Louvre and depending on who is letting people in, it’s possible to get in with our visas for free. Thankfully the person let us in. We saw the Mona Lisa, and my personal favorite The Wedding at Cana by Paolo Veronese. It stuck out to me because it had been cut in half for it’s trip to Paris. We went through and saw some other paintings as well, and even Venus de Milo. It was quite interesting, but again, you need more than an entire day to see it all.

We left Paris on Sunday, after a busy weekend. We still hadn’t had time to do everything I really wanted to do. There were still the catacombs and the place the Phantom of the Opera was based in.





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