The Phantom of the Opera is there…..

Last night was rushing from one place to another. I loved it. After a busy day at work I headed back to our building, grabbed a quick bite with a friend and headed off to Her Majesty’s Theatre que for The Phantom of the Opera. One thing about this musical is that I cannot stand the movie. It doesn’t hold my interest (most movies don’t, I fall asleep) but I love seeing it performed live and this did not disappoint.

In Bridget’s words “this phantom is a powerhouse.” He did overpower Christine and Raul at some points though. This phantom creeped me out to no end.  The other characters were breathtaking and I honestly can’t put it into words.

The set was good. During the transition from “present day” to “past” my jaw was on the ground. The chandelier was nothing special, but it was set up so that it slowly unfolded as it came up. Then all the curtains rose and different drops were lifted. I couldn’t believe it. It probably took a good five minutes for the transition but it was so worth it.

Basically, this is a show you have to see in order to actually comprehend everything because I’ve been processing it for a day and I still can’t formulate words.


One thought on “The Phantom of the Opera is there…..

  1. chowkimwan says:

    Phantom fan from Asia here!

    Yeah, the movie was quite bad… I’m glad you appreciate and enjoy the show. I have a couple of posts about Phantom on my blog; you might want to read them and share your views about the show.

    Thanks for supporting Phantom in London! It’s great to know that there are people patronizing the show everywhere.


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