London Zoo

This was one of those things that was on my list. I really enjoy seeing different animals and I thought the London Zoo would have a ton of amazing animals I had never heard of before. So before classes on Thursday I headed over to the zoo, just 15 or 20 minutes away.

When I got there they had a photographer that took your picture and at the end you can buy a book, keychain and magnet combination, but I did not want to because I already spent 27 pounds to get it. That’s another thing, this is a full day thing. It was silly to think I could get through  it in about three and a half hours. I did get to see everything, or so I thought. I sadly missed the seahorses. However, I saw everthing Timone and Pumbaa  (Meercat and warthog), to penguins and creepy crawlies (spiders). I got to see upside down jellyfish (yes they exist, they live in the shallow water, they are actually really cool, and camels!DSCN1428

The cool part about this zoo was that they had the different habitats in controlled rooms and then they had a walking path through them. My favorite was the butterfly one, which was the first one of it’s kind that I got to go through, but I felt like a little kid!

DSCN1400    DSCN1403

I also found out there are underwater rodents, by the time I had gotten to this point, I was ready to never be in anyplace ever again. Just contained in my own little bubble, and then they had this:

DSCN1506 DSCN1508

This thing moved so fast I could not get a clear picture of it. I looked up videos of it moving to show my roommate, but of course they were not as creepy as seeing it in person. In person it moved faster so it looked as though it’s back legs were going in front of it’s front legs. It reminded me of a horror movie, but looking at the picture it looks like someone’s pet that was caught doing something wrong.

They had some pretty amazing things there other than animals. They had a clock that did a couple minute mechanical show every half hour, steps that charged as you walked on them, and even a war monument.

DSCN1451   DSCN1457


It’s gotten to that point of the semester where everything is coming to a close, and normally that’s a good thing, but I’ve also realized I don’t have time to get everywhere I want to go. I have been having a ton of adventures and the majority of those have not gotten blog posts. I’m going to keep writing them after I go back to the U.S. because just looking back on pictures I remember so much that I want to be able to remember when I’m old and gray.


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