Little Venice

In order to take a break from all the papers and presentations going on my friend and I went to Little Venice to wander the canals. The canals all through London are gorgeous and they have sidewalks on the side for people to wander down. I always see runners and if I lived closer to the canal I would go for walks or runs every day. It was a tad bit chilly and very windy, but it was definitely worth it.

DSCN1539   DSCN1531

There was even a palm tree type thing:


We only stayed for a little bit, about an hour of walking around but before we left I saw a little boat that said Waterside cafe. My love of cafes + a boat? I had to. It was the cutest thing ever, unfortunately there were no open spots inside so we had to go outside to eat our food.

DSCN1534     DSCN1533

There were so many twists and turns along just the small stretch that when we came back up we were in a place we didn’t recognize. This is honestly one of my favorite things about London. We came across this little place and the best part: THEY HAVE MEXICAN FOOD! Unfortunately I was still had my tea from the cafe and we both wanted to get back so we didn’t go there.




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