New Vs Worn books

          I love the feel of new books, but I used to love worn down books. Then I realized I like the process of making them worn down. It’s kind of like a marker of how much the book has been read or carried around. I’m thinking worn down to be creases down the spine, corners a little smashed, some pages crinkled, things like that.
          One of my current reads, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, is starting to look a bit shabbier. Particularly the back. It’s a paperback copy and there’s a thin film over the cover and it’s started to come off a bit. Along with that the corners of the spine are beginning to become more rounded. This is a book I’ve tried to take such good care of, unfortunately when you carry it basically everywhere with you the book starts to look not so new.
          These changes don’t happen in just every book I read, those I don’t like enough to carry with me everywhere or those I have to buy for school generally look the same after I’m done reading them as they do in the beginning.
          However, I don’t particularly like getting books from the library or used bookstores that are overly used. These tend to be at a part where they are almost falling apart and a lot of the time they seem to fragile to read, I’ve actually had a copy of Julius Caesar fall apart every time I flipped the page, little bits of the corners that had been folded over throughout the years would fall out. This is the point at which it actually annoys me how used the books are.
          I like going back to the memories of how the books got to be that way, endless bus rides, trying to juggle reading and eating, pressing it flat into the bed so I wouldn’t have to move my head when i switch from page to page. Different memories like that. However, when I have a used book I missed out on making all those memories and can’t distinguish my marks from others.
          I hope all that rambling made sense.
          What about you guys? Do you like new or worn down books more?


4 thoughts on “New Vs Worn books

  1. Jenna (Jinkies Books) says:

    Books that have been out for a long time and that I don't know if I'll like I'll get from used bookstores but I prefer new ones cause then I don't have to wonder what had happened to them before and I've gotten used ones just to find pages missing or a ton of writing before.


  2. Jenna (Jinkies Books) says:

    My main reading time is when I'm eating, I'm really surprised that I haven't spilled coffee or any of my food on my books yet!
    I've never actually read in the bath, but that's mainly because the one in my house doesn't hold water, it always finds a little hole by the drain to go down :/


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