No One Mourns the WICKED!

One more thing of the top things I wanted to do while I was over here has been fulfilled. Ever since I was in 8th grade and my choir teachers sang “For Good” I knew I had to see the musical. It was phenomenal. And Elphaba. Perfection. She was such a powerhouse!! (And her teeth were really white- I was almost in the back of the stalls and could clearly see her teeth.) She was so funny. I didn’t realize how many jokes were in the musical. I came in assuming she’d be all down and depressed but she was so full of life and confident and she just didn’t put up with anything. New favorite Wizard of Oz character.

The play started out with a glowing Emerald City in the middle of a map. The best part? It sparkled. Then it lifted up and the magic was revealed. The crowd went wild, and you could tell a lot of people there had been waiting for this moment for years.


Everyone onstage celebrating that the witch is dead and then someone turns to Galinda and goes “Didn’t you used to be friends with her?” And then flashback to college.

One thing that surprised me was how Nessa was so mean. I expected her to be a lot nicer. There are so many things I want to say that surprised me or I found strange and this and that but it would all be giving away the plot.

I will say I have not read the book yet. I will get to it and generally I have a no watching the adaptation until you read the book, but I figured I’m only in London once, this may be my only chance to see it.

There were a couple things that annoyed me. One was that Galinda’s voice was a little hard to get used to, this is because she does the preppy voice really well, even when she’s singing and I don’t like the preppy voice, it’s really annoying to me.

The other was that sometimes it was difficult to understand what they were singing because they did a really cool thing. They changed a couple lyrics/ lines to fit the British audience and I was expecting the American words. At one point they even used the phrase “The world is your oyster.” I thought that was pretty cool.

I would see this musical again in a heartbeat. Maybe someday I’ll see it in that States. So if anyone wants to fund that for me….? entire play basically hsowed how Elphiba came to be the way she was.


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