Les Miserables

I know I generally do my posts in the order of things that happen, so theoretically seeing Charlie and the Chocolate factory should be next, followed by multiple posts about Italy (because there’s no way to contain all of that information in just one post). However, I saw Les Miserables the other night and I just needed to post about it and share it’s awesomeness.

20150413_190721I did not want to spend a ton of money on tickets, so I ended up having restricted view at my favorite musical of all time. This is another musical that I don’t like the movie version as much, but I love the stage version. The choice I was faced with was whether I wanted to have the top of the stage cut off or have a railing through the rest of the stage. I chose the former because there wasn’t any flying. I don’t think I really missed much except during the barricade scenes, and then it was only that there were disembodied voices.

I was in the very back row of the stalls, with only the aid of my reading glasses and I could still feel waves of emotion coming from the stage and see the general idea of their facial expressions and hear the fluctuation of their voices. The casting was perfect (with the exception of the hair color because i picture Eponine as brunette and Cosette as blonde) but that was such a minor thing. I’d see it again in a heartbeat and I just felt that needed to be shared.

There was also a slow motion explosion and it was flawless and I was breathless.


3 thoughts on “Les Miserables

  1. Chow Kim Wan says:

    Les Miz is awesome. Too bad I have never seen it live before. I watched the 10th anniversary countless times though. I have a couple of Les Miz posts back at my blog, so you might wanna check them out! A few other musicals can be found there as well.


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