The Home of the Irish

I’m currently blogging from the wonderful land of Ireland, one of my friends and I are traveling for two weeks and this is our first stop. I would like to say four days is really nowhere near long enough to do and see everything.

We started off with a walking tour, and our guide was amazing. There’s this company, Sandeman New, who does free walking tours of major cities. My guide this time is  an actor and so it was very dramatic. We got to see an old church, hear about his near death experience (the ground was shaking because there were jets flying overhead in honor of an US college game) and see Trinity college before heading over to a local bar for dinner.

Then yesterday we did a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher with plenty of stops along the way.. There were a couple of other Americans on the tour and we ended up talking to them for the majority of the time.

DSCN2657   DSCN2676

DSCN2679   DSCN2639

I would just like to say everyone is so friendly in this country. When we first got here the bus driver took fifteen minutes helping us figure out what stop we need to get off at and then told us when it was and then gave us directions to the hostel.


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