Review: The Passion of New Eve

The Passion of New Eve 

Goodreads Synopis: 
This story follows Evelyn, a young Englishman, along a journey through mythology and sexuality. It is a story of how he learns to be a woman, first in the brutal hands of Zero, the ragtime Nietzsche, then through the ancient Tristessa, the beautiful ghost of Hollywood past.

My thoughts:
This synopsis sums it up quite perfectly. However, there is so much that happens throughout the book, like Zero’s seven wives that play apart of Evelyn’s continued understanding of women. I thought this book needed to have time spent to it. I started reading it for school and only got 50 pages in but it intrigued me so much I wanted to finish it. I finally finished the day before I left England. Granted, I kept the book.
This book doesn’t need to be read by anybody in particular but it would be interesting to see how other people reacted to it since no one else I knew finished it.
This book gets so confusing at times, especially within the last couple chapters. There was one part where they were in one place and then next thing I knew there was a new person there and they were talking about something different. Super confusing. Anyway I probably won’t read it again but if you want something nontraditional this is definitely the book for you.
3 out of 5 stars, but worth the read

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