HTML : For Myself, by Myself

As some of you may know, I used to be a Web and Digital Media Development minor. I wanted to be able to create websites, and make them how I wanted them to look instead of just the generic themes. However, while picking classes last semester, I realized it would take me two extra semesters- minimum- in order to get this minor. That is over $14,000. Since I studied abroad none of the classes for the next two semesters would be guaranteed because I missed out on the prerequisite while living a dream in London. When I made the decision to remove the minor it was as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I knew I could graduate in two years.

However, coding still really intrigued me, how a string of words and symbols can change the layout of a webpage and so I very recently set up a Code Academy account and am teaching myself how to do this coding. So far I am only partly through learning HTML. For those who don’t know, that is the basic web design code. This decides how words look on a page. They can be

Really Big


really small

I learned how to insert hyperlinks as well, and the next lesson will be images. These are all things I have done on this blog before, but there are shortcuts blogging platforms use so those using it do not have to know HTML and CSS. For those of you who do not have a wordpress, this is what the formatting looks like:

Capture 2

For example, here you can just press the bold button, like the feature in Word, however in the HTML coding you have to use <strong> to start bolding and </strong> to end bolding. There are benefits to both, while I am still using the normal format on WordPress, I will probably mess around with the formatting of the background and headings while I am learning this.


This is what the code academy looks like, the writing in the dark space is how the coding looks and the writing in the white square in the upper right corner is how it would appear on screen.

There are a lot of things I learn during coding. This type is 1,000 times easier than Object Oriented Programing, which I took a class on last year. It has taught me even if I don’t have a formal education in something it will be possible to teach myself. Sure, I may have to ask for help along the way (I haven’t used it yet but they have a question and answer area on Code Academy) but I can do it without spending thousands of dollars.


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