Review: White Bird in a Blizzard

White Bird in a BlizzardSynopsis:
One cold January morning Kat’s mother walks out of her life. No note, no nothing, she didn’t even take her purse. Kat is not surprised, she had been able to tell for the past year her mother was pulling apart from their family. She isn’t that affected by her mom’s disappearance, she is actually happy. However, her dreams are real enough, and she dreams of her mother and her plead for help.

My thoughts:
I would have loved this book, however I wanted to know how many pages it was and on my quest for that I accidently saw the last line. (The hardcover is 226 pages). Major spoiler. However, I kept reading the rest of the book because Laura Kasischke’s language was so beautiful. I loved the character of Kat- most of the time. She seemed exactly like her mother and I was so worried that she was going to end up like her mom did, depressed and angry at the world.
      There are four sections of this book, each one depicting a couple months of each year passed after her mother left. Each follows a pattern, January and then she talks about how their Christmas the year before. I really liked this, there wasn’t the drawn out waiting of an entire year, but then the reader could still get a feel for what happened that entire year.
      The relationship between Phil and Kat is an interesting one. It shows just how much a relationship can change when under something as stressful as a parent walking out. There was a new dynamic that was introduced about ten pages from the end which was never explored thoroughly. I really wish I had seen more of this. It would have either strengthened or weakened the similarities between her mother and Kat.
      Lastly, the writing style is very descriptive. I felt like I was in the house. Kasischke used all five senses, which isn’t something you read very often. She used all five senses when describing the same thing.
      I would have liked this book a lot more had I not spoiled it for myself. 3 stars.

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