July Wrap-up

As the end of July comes closer I’ve decided to do my first wrap-up post. 

Books finished:

TBR for August

  • Between us and the moon
  • The Death Cure
  • Fangirl
  • Half Bad
  • The night we said yes
  • Hello, Goodbye and everything in between


  • These Shallow Graves

Personal life:

  • I went to see fireworks twice, once was outside of my summer living and I could see all the way downtown. 
  • July 8th was my 21st birthday so I had a lot of friends that wanted to hang out, plus two of my other friends turned 21 so it was a month of celebrating! Also, about 6 books came into the library for me and I really wanted to get those all read. I found out audiobooks were not my thing.
  • One of my other friends and I tried Viniq, it’s apparently vodka mixed with moscoto. It actually was really bad. but the drink is pretty.
  • I went camping for my friend’s bmosirthday and had so much fun, we went by the beach and hung out by the fire and because they were playing games on their phones I read. A lot. But it was refreshing and exactly what I needed.
  • Also, I upped my workouts to 4 a week and started adding cardio in. SORENESS OVERLOAD!



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