Blogging Tips for the New School Year

As the summer unfortunately comes to a close and school creeps up on us all once again, we’re all left to wonder how will we ever keep up our blogging schedules? (Well, at least I am.) I decided on just three simple ways I could make blogging easier for me. I’m not saying I will be able to keep up with all of these, but it will hopefully make the weeks go by easier.

1. Schedule posts as you would assignments.
          This is key. If you say by a certain time you will have a certain post written (and some incentive) there is a more likely chance you will get it written. For example, I will think “Let me write a discussion post on whatever topic” is a lot less likely for me to write than “I will write a discussion post on this element of this genre by this day.” Then write it down. You can even break it down. Ideas by this day, drafts by this day, and go over it one last time by this day.

2. Read every day
           I know most of us try to do this every day, but even half an hour in between classes or after you finish a test is better than nothing. You will finish books a lot faster if you read for half an hour instead of just going on facebook for that time.

3. Extra posts
           Write up extra posts when you have less work or on weekends. You can even be so ambitious as to write up a ton before classes start. Going off of this you can write posts about things that are talked about in classes. At least for me there are a lot more things I want to write about when the school year comes up. And think of it this way- you’re multitasking. Studying and Blogging!


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