#4SeasonsBookCovers Bout of Books

So today was a horrid day for reading. I read one chapter. That’s it. But, I have started the ARC I meant to start about a month ago. I had a very legit reason. Up until about ten minutes ago (I’m hopeful that it is actually done) I have had the worst sinus headache ever. Seriously it has put past hangovers to shame. So in order to make up for that and celebrate internet in my apartment I will be doing today’s Bout of Books Challenge.

Today’s challenge is hosted by Kimberly Faye Reads and the challenge is…. drumroll please…. #4SeasonsBookCovers. The object is to find a book that represents each season.

Summer: Little Bee- I picked this one as my summer picture because bees are around mainly in summer and also because the orange is a bright summery color.
Fall: Second Glance-This cover looks like Halloween to me, the hand the dark trees and the face shows up a lot clearer on the picture.
Winter- Game of Thrones– Every time I see or hear about this all I can think is “winter is coming”
Spring: A Million Little Things– I think this is a book about new beginnings and recovery. Like the spring of someone’s life and restarting. 


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