An End and A Beginning

As the summer comes to a close I am forced to think more and more about the school year and about how it’s already started for me. Technically classes don’t start until Wednesday, but by then I will have finished my first review for work and be well into editing. Our first issue of the paper comes out on the first day of classes. Meaning? That we already have articles partially written. Interviews are being done and I start editing stuff now.

I did not really have a summer break, I went from working for ResLiving to starting at the newspaper for the year in less than 4 hours. Crazy? Very. But I’m also really excited. I haven’t gotten to know the reporters yet but I have a really good feeling about it all. After all, I can sleep when I’m dead right? Or winter break.

I currently don’t have a planner, which is making me slightly crazy. Apparently none of the grades are getting them in my hometown anymore. The fifth graders apparently have ipads and the high schoolers have macs. That’s another topic. I grew up with a paper planner and I’m still on the search for a cheap one that suits my needs. Instead I have lists and notes and two full page calendars printed from Microsoft Publisher.

I have a couple goals for this semester though:

  1. One post a week on this blog. It has been very neglected.
  2. Start my papers one week before they are due (if possible some teachers assign them two classes before).
  3. Finish the HTML and CSS class on CodeAcademy.
  4. Continue working out at least two times a week. This tends to fall off the face of the planet when I start classes.
  5. Try a new recipe every month- homemade iced coffee will be one month.

I am also living in an apartment for the first time ever so I have bills to pay and no meal plan for the first time ever. It’ll be interesting.

4 thoughts on “An End and A Beginning

  1. Hey Jen!
    Loved hearing your experience as you are preparing to start school. Mine has also been nuts! Being an RA is #stresslife. Anyways love reading your blog and I hope your year starts off great. Keep in touch. BTW we still need to exchange chargers. Love ya girl!


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