August Wrap-Up

I’ve been taking kind of a hiatus on the whole blogging thing. I’ve been making sure I respond to everyone and that’s about it. It’s not because I hate you all, it’s because life is really busy. I ended one job and started another, in a way they overlapped. Anyway this break is going to probably last another two-ish weeks. I just really need to focus on this new job, it’s more work than I thought it was going to be. So my month in list form:

  • Participated in a read-a-thon (bout of books), I actually really enjoyed this, but next time I’m going to make  full list of the books I want to read because I got to the last book which was whatever book I wanted and had a minor stress-out because I wanted to read all the books
  • Read All the Bright Places, Elena Vanishing, Galapaghos, Your Voice is All I Hear, The Night We Said Yes and currently reading Orphan Train
  • Moved into my new apartment and started cooking for myself/ got WiFi set up
  • Lost six pounds!! And then plateaued. I need to start going to the gym and give up candy again
  • Finished my job as an assistant in the housing department. I actually really like this job but it’s just in the summer and I graduate in May so I can’t go back which is really sad 
  • Started work for the school newspaper. I am the new Arts and Entertainment editor, I edit everyone’s stories and write one a week myself. Also I have to create a weekly calendar with all of the events and concerts going on around campus
  • Got my first ARC! It’s for review at the student newspaper I work at. 

So, my life has been quite busy, I also visited home for a week which was really nice, I got to relax and sleep in but now my sleep schedule is all messed up.

How’s your month been?
What was your favorite moment?


I'd love to have your input!

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