12 Years a Student

This past weekend I went up north with my family as one last get away before the semester really started. In all reality, it has already begun. I have chapters and chapters to read and I already had a paper due Tuesday. Somehow I’ve managed to keep up with everything (no clue how).

Having my earliest class at 11 helps so much. I can wake up, work out, edit things for the newspaper before I have to even go on campus. When I’m there I only have an hour of class before I get to relax for three hours and then one more class and I’m done. It’s been helping me to have a regular schedule to plan out when to do homework. Everything is falling into place nicely.

I’ve also perfected making smoothies. Today’s is mango/ pineapple/ kiwi. It tastes really bland at first but the aftertaste is amazing. (con: the spinach turned it green.) Group fitness classes started this week and though I had a thing for work during my favorite class I’m stoked to be able to get back to PiYo next week. The last month has been strange without it.

I had to pass through the library today and as I was leaving I saw they had 12 Years a Slave. I had the strange urge to read it so I picked it up. However, I’m in the middle of three books right now so the reality of me actually reading it is very slim.


4 thoughts on “12 Years a Student

  1. emilynshowers says:

    That’s cool. I want to do a post about dreams and the significance of them. However, I want to include actual scientific facts about dreams and how they relate to an altered state of consciousness.

    Sometimes, I feel like I was supposed to be alive when the beatniks were around. Haha!


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