Being Sick and Trying Something New

I obviously did not post for the past two weeks, but the first week I had a very good reason: I felt like death; basically when I wasn’t in class I was sleeping. I wish I was joking. However, I got back up on my feet and wrote my first legit article for the newspaper. Now, it’s not published yet, but it’s close. I’m really excited and I’ll share the link when it comes out.

I also wrote my review for “Lock and Mori” and submitted that into WordPress for work today along with restarting Behind the Bar and continuing Humans of Point. Basically I wrote a lot, just not for this blog.

Then last week when I wasn’t working on all that writing I was (and still am) trying to catch up with my readings for my classes, especially my online class because lectures are about twenty minutes.

I went home for a weekend and returned to the 21st century of phones. I have over $100 of cases, screen protectors and warranties covering it so fingers crossed.I love it and update everything a lot more regularly now. Plus: I can get snapchat on this so I don’t have to take my picture with an 8.4 inch tablet.

Unfortunately there’s not much more to report. I went to a couple of yoga classes and then a PiYo one, which is basically intense yoga. You switch between moves a lot more and you get really sweaty. I tried to stay in shape since the summer block of fitness classes began but apparently it didn’t work out to well. I’m going to attribute that to the week I was lying in bed.

Bonus: I found my pictures from Spain, Greece and Ireland so enjoy a picture of Oscar Wilde in Dublin, Ireland.



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