September wrap-up

September was my hiatus month. I had to get everything in order for the year and truthfully, I didn’t feel like blogging much, though I did post on my personal blog, which you can find here.
I did do a lot during this month. I’m the new Arts and Entertainment Editor at my school newspaper so I’m editing and coming up with a lot of new story ideas and starting up a Humans of Point thing with that.
I wrote my very first actual article which is here. My job does not require that I write articles but I wanted to try my hand at it. t was very frustrating and it definitely took up a good chunk of my time for two weeks.
I managed to stay on top of most of my homework except for when I was sick.
Lastly, I managed to lose another four pounds and have gotten addicted to yoga. That will probably be my go to workout for winter. It’s also been getting colder so I’m winding down on the amount of times I will be able to go biking šŸ˜„ I already miss it.
I also go ta new phone, I have a droid turbo now!! That means more instagram and more twitter!

Goals for October:

  1. Post once a week here and personal, that’s two a week
  2. Go for a hike
  3. Go to a haunted house
  4. Finish Martian and write my reviews.


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