A Rebuttal to Country Haters

In the past couple years there has been an influx of country songs that have pop beats in the background. Most recently this has been songs like “Love Me Like you Mean it” and “House Party.”

Comments have been made on these and many others claiming they are not actually country music. For example, YouTube user Carly Snyder said “It’s a good song, but please get this off country radio. It is not country on any shape or form” on the music video for House Party. On the music video for Love Me Like you Mean it, user John Reese said “Having a southern accent doesn’t make you or the song country.”

With all due respect, they are still country.

The music industry is constantly changing and this is one of the changes. It is still the pure raw emotion, but the industry has to mold to it’s audience, and some of it’s audience was probably getting lost to pop. If you listen to The Beatles and compare it to Aerosmith, both are technically rock & roll, but they sound completely different. Why? Because they are different eras of music, not genres.

A change in the sound of a genre does not mean the song or artist is not a member of that genre, in fact it just means the industry and genre itself is changing.

I’ve always listened to country, I grew up on Keith Urban, and Tim McGraw. While I will say the newer artists don’t sound like them at all, they don’t sound all that different. The topics they sing about are still the same, and everyone can make the same old country jokes they always have.

As of right now, pop and country music are not interchangeable. Songs like “Rude” and “Chandelier” prove this point. These are 100 % pop songs, which sound nothing like country.

The music industry is constantly changing and this is just another change in the long history of music.

Oxford dictionary defines country music as “popular music of a style originating in folk music of the rural southern United States and cowboy music of the American West, typically consisting of ballads and dance tunes accompanied by fiddle, banjo, guitar, and pedal steel guitar.”

Country music still has the guitars and sometimes other instruments mentioned above. It did originate in folk music but a even though something originates in a certain place, does not mean it stays as that style for the rest of time.

Country music has begun to focus more on the “ballads and dance tunes” of this definition.


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