AKA the most beautiful place I’ve seen

It has been 7 months since I have returned from studying abroad and there are a couple memories that just burst through my mind at random points in time. One of these was Santorini, Greece.
It was honestly the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. The first day we were there, my travel buddy and I went to the beach a couple minutes walk from our super cheap hostel (which had the sink in the shower). It had beautiful black beaches and the water was really really cold, but I made myself go under because I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t.
Then we went and got dinner at a restaurant down the beach, there was a long line but we went to the one my friend said was deemed “the best” by something. I got calamari because we had had calamari rings (similar to onion rings) at the hostel in London. It was completely different since it was fresh.
Then we tried to catch the bus to Oia, which National Geographic said had one of the top 10 sunsets you must see before you die. Oia is also the city where Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was filmed. We only made it to Fira, because the connecting bus left 2 minutes before our bus got there, but saw the very end of the sunset there. It’s been the background on my tablet for almost the entire time since I took it.
The next day we had signed up for a island-wide tour and saw DSCN3178the beauty of the rest. We saw ruins that had been covered by a volcanic explosion way in the past, they’ve been working on uncovering it for years but the ruins are so huge it will take a while. We got lunch along the stretch that our hostel was on and then went almost to the highest point on the island (we weren’t allowed at the very tip top of the mountain.) We also got to taste wine made from the grapes on the island. Amazing. Just amazing.
We ended the night watching the sunset in Oia and we had to leave to catch the bus 10 mins before the prettiest part and then our tour guide had gotten my travel buddy and I a driver to bring us from one of the stops to the airport to catch our flight out.

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