Book Buying and Renting Ban

I went home for Thanksgiving this past weekend and, being the book nerd I am, rearranged my bookshelves. I had them all alphabetical before but there were spaces from the books I had at school with me. Well I decided to make one of my bookshelves be the books I have already read because everyone always asks me how many I have read. Turns out: two and a half shelves worth.
I have two big bookshelves and then two smaller ones and an overflowing medium size one. The overflowing medium size one is at school and it’s completely books that are really high on my “I own them and I want to read them list.” However, like most book nerds, new books come out and I get books from the library, etc.
So, I have decided to challenge myself to something over the next couple months.

Books I can read:
Books I own already
Books I have borrowed from people (that are on my shelves right now)
Books given to me for Christmas
Books from NetGalley (that are on my shelf already)
Books that are checked out from the library already
Supplemental books for school I haven’t bought yet

Things I cannot do:
Borrow new books from the library or people
Order any new ones
Request any off Netgalley
Request books from publishers

I am currently in the middle of Orphan Train, Diary of Anne Frank and Ashley Bell. I am going to finish these first. I’ve been reading Anne Frank since May. It’s becoming a looming problem. The seven books I read after those will be from the list. That will make me feel a bit better about my problem.

Has anyone else attempted this? Or would like to join me?


4 thoughts on “Book Buying and Renting Ban

  1. Jeanna M says:

    Sounds like a good plan. I am currently on a book buying ban as well. I've been in my ban since mid-September and still going strong. I'm getting tons of books read that have been on my shelves forever so I definitely recommend- it's worth it. Keep up the awesome work! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy reading!


  2. Jay says:

    I definitely have banned myself from buying or requesting books. It is hard to stop yourself from buying all the books out there..
    I have been in the worst slump of all time, so I have a huge problem with my TBR. Anyways, I hope all turns out well with you!♥

    Jumana @ Books by Jay


  3. Jenna (Jinkies Books) says:

    It's so easy for me to just get a book from the library or to get a ton when there's a used book sale because it's free and or cheap and then I realize there's no way I'll possibly be able to get through them all. I hate reading slumps, they always come at the worst possible times :/


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