Plans to Conquer 2016

As the first day of 2016 comes to an end, I have decided to finally post my collection of challenges I will be doing this year, along with some other goals.
As 2015 came to a close I realized I didn’t have any resolutions written down from last year. I also realized I am a completely different person. I have traveled abroad, been in countries I didn’t know the language of, ordered food I couldn’t even pronounce let alone know what was in it, had an internship at a top publishing company, worked for two newspapers, lost almost ten pounds, read three times the books I normally do, start a blog…. the list goes on and on. And so, I’ve decided to have just one resolution: read more non-fiction and fiction books. My goodreads challenge is 60 books and I want to have this be a wide range. I did not read a single non-fiction book in 2015 which is such a shame. There are so many things I could learn from people, whether it is a self-help book, a book written by an Olympian, a politician, anything and I don’t think I take advantage of this.

My aunt also bought me a training journal for Christmas and I started using it this past week. I really like it because I can track daily workouts, how I feel, the day, events, goals, progress, and it has a lot of valuable information in it. I’m hoping to fill it out until it’s full (I don’t know how many weeks there are in it) and to do at least one 5K this year (I’ve never done one before).

Onto challenges:

Popsugar 2016 Reading Challenge
This was a challenge that has a list of 40 books- I’ve just skimmed the list, but I’ve decided I’m going to print it out and read the majority (90%) of what is on there

2016 Outdo Yourself Reading ChallengeThe Outdo Yourself challenge is one I decided on with about a couple weeks left of 2015. I already knew I wanted to outdo my Goodreads number so it was a major bonus I found it as a blogging challenge as well.
Note to future Jenna: The Innocent and This is Where it Ends were started in 2015 (don’t count)

Goal: I’m on Fire (16+ more books)

2016 Book Blog Discussion ChallengeOnce school started I stopped writing discussion posts, and I’ve missed it so much. I hope to write at least one discussion post a month, to keep them even across the board but hopefully I will be able to write another couple somewhere in there.

Goal: 1-12 Discussion Dabbler

Shelf Love Challenge 2016I used to have a massive problem with buying books (all for super good deals or with gift cards) and so now I have literally 6 bookshelves full of books…. only one of those shelves has books I’ve read and it’s a little over halfway full. So. I need to fill up my shelves in the completed section.

Goal: 21-30 give your shelves a warm friendly hug (also, not actually going to have a book budget because I haven’t really bought a ridiculous amount in a couple years)

In addition to these lovely challenges I hope to do a couple read-a-thons throughout the year and to keep out an eye for those. Depending on travel plans I might do the clean-slate read-a-thon, but I would do a separate post for that. Also my goal is to review 75% of the books I read.

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