Creating a Reading Nook

I would like to think I am one of those people who can read anywhere after all I used to be able to tune out everything. However, as I grew older more and more things began to distract me from reading, whether it be my mom or roommate talking, worries about homework or adult responsibilities, the internet or car rides. So, I created a reading nook, but it’s not really a nook. It is a set of things I need/ want when I am reading. Of course I can make do without some of these. One day when I have my own house I will create a little corner, that’s all I need, not even an entire room, which will be my reading nook.

To be able to focus solely on reading with minimal interruptions, where I won’t be distracted and where I can concentrate.

What I need:
This may vary for everyone, but for me it’s

My current reading area (my roommate’s cat is on the blanket)
  • a beverage (coffee/tea/water)
  • my book (duh!)
  • overhead lighting (I actually don’t really like reading by a bedside lamp because it casts an uneven shadow over my book)
  • blanket (I have one that is my absolute favorite
  • pillow (my headboard is really uncomfortable so I lean one against the back)

What I want or prefer to have:

  • heating pad (mainly in winter)
  • candles
  • extra books
  • food! (I generally have either candy or pretzels)
  • my laptop either on the floor or the other side of the room
  • my phone on silent and shoved under my blankets out of sight but easy to reach

I honestly don’t know where my need to have food and beverages while I’m reading came from. I used to curl up with just my book and maybe water. It is possible it’s from studying and needing coffee to stay awake.

I recently started to make my area more comfortable. It gives me a lot more motivation to sit and read for longer periods of time. Having a set area helps me concentrate.

So where do you guys read? Anything I should add to my area?

This post is a part of  the discussion challenge by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight.


11 thoughts on “Creating a Reading Nook

  1. SJ Bouquet says:

    Your nook sounds so relaxing! I don't really have a nook. I'm in that stage where I can just flop wherever (tho having a blanket in the winter is nice). My usual nook, out of default, is my bed. I require pillows to lean against (comfort is necessary) and a if I'm listening to an audio book, I need a mindless phone game (like bejeweled) to play. Otherwise I'll fall asleep.


  2. Hazel Murphy says:

    I used to always read in my bed, but recently felt it kinda takes me too far from the rest of the house (like I'm ignoring my roommate or something). So my more common spot now is in the computer room on a couch while she's online, or on my recliner when she's watching Netflix in the living room. We 'hang out' even though we're not doing the same activity. Otherwise, it's not a nook, but the other most common spot is whenever I'm waiting for something like in line at store or MD office 😀 Not comfortable, but I get done with a surprising amount of pages!


  3. Jenna (Jinkies Books) says:

    I normally read when my roommate isn't in the house, we have such weird schedules that if we're ever in the house at the same time we're talking or hanging out with other friends. I definitely get the feeling I don't use all the parts of my house I should, I never really go in the living room.


  4. Joan says:

    That sounds so relaxing! I would also love a comfy blanket and lots of pillows. Unfortunately, I have no designated book nook. I read everywhere: in bed, the dining table, the sofa, the kitchen, yes even in the bathroom. haha!

    Joan @ Fiddler Blue


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