February’s Lack of a wrap-up

So February was pretty quiet here. I posted….. nothing (except my January wrap-up). However, that’s not to say I didn’t accomplish a lot outside of my blog.

This month I read:
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
(I started two others but I didn’t finish them until March)

I did: 
I traveled to Los Angeles a journalism convention. It was my first time ever in LA and we stayed in Hollywood. My friends and I found this cute bookstore, I would say little but I really can’t. It’s called the Last Bookstore. I ended up buying two books, Double Helix (this was for my boyfriend) and Slaugherhouse Five (I’d been looking for a cheap copy forever and it was in the used section for $4). I also got to tour the LA Times, it’s so big it takes up an entire city block.

I wrote a couple reviews and articles for the school’s paper and my internship.

Wrote a blog post about my Minneapolis Convention, which was another journalism convention that took place in January here.

Started going to the gym again (3x a week). My gym does this thing where you have about 2 months do do 100 miles of cardio. I signed up late so I only had a little over a month. It ends March 19, so this will be in my wrap-up again. Anyway so far I’m at 27 miles. My goal is to get to the 50 mark because then I get a water bottle and I can never have enough water bottles.

Okay. So maybe I didn’t do as much as I thought I did. But hey, it was only 29 days. So I don’t know what I did with all of that time, so for March I’m keeping a list because so many times I think: I should put this in my wrap-up and then I forget about it by the time I write the wrap-up.

So here’s to making March more productive!


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