Cute and tiny reviews


Library of Souls *****

This is the third book in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series. I reviewed the first one here. I was debating whether or not to read this one because the second one was a let down. I was not impressed. However, I decided to read it since I was one book away from finishing the trilogy and I was so glad I did. One of my other friends is reading it right now and I can’t wait to geek out about it when she’s done! The descriptions in this one are so grotesque, but on top of that the plot is slightly predictable, slightly not. It’s the perfect blend to keep me interested. I did predict the ending, but that’s okay because it was the ending I wanted and I’m selfish like that. I’m trying to be vague so I don’t give away too much to anyone who hasn’t read the first or second so… onward to:

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl *****

MeandEarlandtheDyingGirlI finally got around to this one. This and John Dies at the End are really high up on the I need to read this but I haven’t gotten around to it for the past x number of years. I read this pretty much in one sitting and the narration is hilarious. It was such a breath of fresh air from all the serious books that are out there about death and dying. Greg talks to the reader which is something more books should do in this sarcastic sense. He keeps saying I don’t know how you are still reading this. This is horrible” and that type of thing. It switched from narration to bullet points to script writing. If anyone read my Illuminae review, that was one of the things I disliked about that book. I don’t like the constant changing but for this book it worked so well. Also, the chapter titles are the best thing ever. Basically my favorite cancer book (Does that make me a bad person?).

Oliver Twist ****

OliverTwistThis was a book I read for school and was absolutely dreading it. However, we were studying it alongside Harry Potter and they are actually strangely similar. There’s a poor little orphan boy who goes from house to house and is treated so miserably there’s no way not to feel bad for him. I particularly liked the way Dickens describes the scenery. It is so complete and unique that they may take a couple pages to get through, but you’re left with such a rich world that it’s hard to forget them. The scenery is like a character in itself. The main thing I didn’t like was that the two characters of Monks and Sikes were, to me, so similar I didn’t realize they were two different people until the end. The other thing is something my professor pointed out and it kind of ruined the main character for me. I’m not going to say it though because I don’t want to ruin it for everyone else.

7 thoughts on “Cute and tiny reviews

  1. Great reviews. I really liked Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. I always meant to finish the Miss Peregrine’s series, but I haven’t done it yet.


  2. I have to read Me and Earl and the Dying Girl! I bought it almost a year ago and never got around to reading it. If you say it’s your favorite ”cancer” book, then I’ll read it 🙂 Great tiny and cute reviews!


  3. I’m glad I convinced you! Someone on Goodreads said: It’s a book about cancer but not a cancer book.

    Either way, I loved how it approached the subject and wished there were more books like this.


  4. That surprises me! You read a lot! They’re actually not super creepy! I was expecting it to be creepier than it was. I haven’t listened to any of the songs yet :/ *hides in my shell* Thanks for stopping by!


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