Milwaukee: spring break edition

I’ve been to Milwaukee multiple times, however, I’ve never really been there. I went to one of the malls when I was younger, and since then I’ve been there to finish the Visa application.

This time however, I got to visit two of my friends I haven’t seen in a while and both of them took me to see different parts of Milwaukee.

I got to have some Thai food, which I know I should have known was going  to be spicy, I just didn’t expect it to be that spicy. We got a coffee at the end and it was the most delicious coffee I’ve had in my entire life.

The next day we went around the area and went into a little gardening shop and if I didn’t have to drive about five hours in two different chunks back to my apartment I would have bought a little cactus or a plant that didn’t need any dirt, but those seemed high maintenance in the watering area.  We talked to one of the workers, and she showed us how to dip them into a bucket of water and then tip them upside down to dry them out so the water doesn’t collect.

We also went to Colectivo, which was a first for me and I got the espresso shake, and despite the worker double checking to make sure I wanted it I got it. I still have no clue why he asked. I think it was either the really bitter taste or the fact it was 9 a.m. and it was ice cream. Either way, it was super bitter at the beginning and then after it melted a bit it was more my taste.

Then my other friend and I went to the Mayfield Mall and got her computer fixed. We got to walk around for a couple hours and I got a couple mini-candles and a holder for them and it’s so cute. I’m almost done with the first candle which was strawberry lemonade. So good, especially when I burn it with my Tahiti one!

We also went and got breakfast at this cafe and I was talked into getting a parfait (I didn’t want to spend $7 and get the world’s tiniest parfait) but it was AMAZING! There was so much fresh fruit and granola there was enough for me to take back for a pre-drive snack.

We also went to the public library and she got her library card and Gerald’s Game which she had been looking for forever. She then proceeded to binge read it as soon as I left. I pick good friends. The library was so pretty and I wanted to take pictures, but I didn’t at the same time, so I only have a couple of the entrance hall.

The library was by Marquette University which is amazing for the students there, it’s just a short walk and the campus seemed really nice. There were a couple churches right by it too that were really photogenic.


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