Breathe, Annie, Breathe

breatheanniebreatheAuthor: Miranda Kenneally
Pub date: July 15, 2014
Rating: 4 stars

2 Sentence Summary:
A girl’s boyfriend (who was training for a marathon) dies so she decides to run the marathon in honor of him. She becomes attracted to her trainer’s brother.

My thoughts:
I was having another sleepless night and decided to read just a chapter. Two and a half hours later I had a completed book on my nightstand. If only that could happen with my assigned reading. This is one of those books I read just because, I don’t read them to really get anything out of them. I read them because every once in a while you just need a little romance. That wasn’t the main reason I got this book though, and there is nothing against the author.This is a strange review to write because it has every single YA trope I don’t like, but it was just pleasure reading. I wanted something like it. There were so many little pieces I didn’t like but as a whole they worked and lead to a really quick read.

I wanted to read about the marathon training bit, and it was about 30% marathon, 50% romance,  5% friends and 5% pining over her dead boyfriend. I wanted it to be a happier story, and in the beginning it wasn’t, not that I expected it to be. I went from laughing to wanting to cry to wanting to cheer Annie on.

Let’s talk the romance first. It was definitely instalove, or insta instalove. I almost put down the book right then. Maybe I would have gotten a better night’s sleep then. As I got farther and farther into the book you discover more and more about Jere and Annie, and I was rooting for them to be together. This is more about learning to fall in love again more than finding yourself, and I wish it had been a little more about finding yourself. Annie had been with this guy for since she was 14. It was about six months before she had this new guy and I don’t know if that is enough time.

And her last relationship, I don’t really know why she stayed with him. He was very pushy and didn’t want her to go to college and I just got a strange vibe about him. I’m assuming it was because they were together for so long.

I’ve never trained for a marathon, nor do I plan on it. Partially because whenever I start upping my mileage I get sick and what do you think about for 26.2 miles? Anyway, she was really dedicated, workout every day, taking care of her body etc. But am I to believe she went that entire time and only missed half a week of working out? I’m sure everyone has setbacks and hers wasn’t as bad as most and was solved very quickly.

Does anyone know any other fiction books about running?
Has anyone else read this book? What did you think?

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