Why it takes so long to read sequels

It came to my attention earlier this year, that I have about a million unfinished series- and there’s no way I will finish them- as much as I want to. I will finish some, although I much prefer stand alones.

The problem is this: I find a book, it’s the first in a series, I pick it up, read it, find out the second one isn’t out yet and when it comes out I forget what happened in the first one. The other scenario? I don’t realize I’m reading a series. If it’s the only one out, I don’t look to see if there will be another.

The other problem: all of them are out, but I don’t want to binge read an entire series because I have other books on my TBR I want to get to, so I vow to get back to it later, savor my time with the characters and never do.

I have another thing where I wait to read the last one forever. I draw it out so long that it may be years before I read the last book in a series why? Because I don’t want it to end.

Things by the same author are the same way. I think one reason is because if one book was insanely good, I don’t want the next one to fall flat and disappoint me. This has happened before when I was reading different series when I was younger especially. The ones that had 20,000 books in the series. They can’t all be good. I need to accept that, but the anticipation will always be there.

Basically, I treat every book as though it is a stand alone. I see everyone’s blogs and they say they read the entire series in a week or they read the new book as soon as it came out and I just don’t do that. Am I alone in this?

This happens a lot more than I want it to. Does anyone else have this problem?


8 thoughts on “Why it takes so long to read sequels

  1. Laura says:

    I’m terrible for starting series and not finishing them, so it isn’t just you! In fact I did a post the other week listing some series I haven’t got round to finishing, and there turned out to be way more than I thought!
    I have the same problem if the series isn’t all out – i’ll read one book and then by the time the next one is out I’ll have forgotten what happened in the first. Or I’ll start a series and think the book is OK, and I’ll just not feel inspired to carry on with it, even if it possibly would have got better. Hopefully I’ll get round to reading some of my abandoned series soon!
    Great post! 🙂


  2. jkimexploring says:

    If the first one is okay I’ll be like “oh I’ll give the next one a chance” and I get the second one but since the first one isn’t super amazing I’ll ignore it for other books I want to read more.


  3. Lola @ Hit or Miss Books says:

    That’s what happens for me, too: I don’t want my favorite series to end. Like, I haven’t read City of Heavenly Fire, even though TMI instruments is one of my fav series. I re-read the first book 3 times..It’s a bit pathetic, actually. :O


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