April’s accomplishments

I finally did it!! I finished David Copperfield and posted about it on all my social media because it took me over a month and it was 882 pages and that was my goal for the semester and I did it! I am done with my academic readings unless I go back to school (I graduate soon). I also read Me Before You, Sharp Objects and Breathe, Annie, Breathe.

I went back and reviewed the books I read over my spring break and one from earlier in the year. Discussed why I take so long to read sequels and how my trip to Milwaukee went.

Enough with the hyperlinks now. I did a lot that wasn’t on this blog. For example:

  • continued to work on my paper for a research symposium about rhetoric in Caleb Williams.
  • Updated my computer to windows 10 (bad idea by the way- my computer is now at my parent’s so they can send it in to get it fixed- they’re the best!).
  • Wrote a 10 page short story for one of my classes, I’m working on revising it now.
  • Covered a lot of events and went to take pictures at a couple that turned out amazingly.
  • Had a book release for a student anthology I’m published in and helped edit.
  • Saw Panic! at the Disco in concert on my campus- They were amazing!
  • A couple of my friends came back from London so I got to hear all about their trips and needless to say I want to go back so badly.
  • Planted an amaryllis that hasn’t died yet and is actually growing quite nicely.

 Books accumulated:

AllTheUglyandWonderfulThingsOn NetGalley I got approved for “All the Ugly and Wonderful Things” by Bryn Greenwood and I am soooo excited to read it! I just have a couple books I’m in the middle of and then I’m reading this.

This is basically a love story between a drug dealer’s daughter and one of his thugs and takes place in the Midwest.

There was also a used book sale downtown and I got four books. The profits went to a retired teacher’s association, all for a good cause. I got: UsedBooks

  • Discovery of Witches- Deborah Harkness
  • On Edge- Barbara Fister
  • Dead Souls- Nikolay Gogol
  • The Last Good Man- A.J. Kazinski

2 thoughts on “April’s accomplishments

  1. Lola @ Hit or Miss Books says:

    What are you studying? 🙂

    David Cooperfield! Yay you! Still have to read that one. I finished Dracula not so long ago, which I’m really proud of (b/c it was EXTREMELY slow!)

    I guess we’re both gonna read All the Ugly and Wonderful Things!! *crossed fingers for the both of us*


  2. jkimexploring says:

    I’m doing an English major. I got almost done with Dracula and then I stopped for no good reason. That was a couple years ago so I’m hoping to just reread the entire thing, so I know the struggle with that one. Congratulations on finishing it!!! Now I need to get to All the Ugly and Wonderful things before you cause you either make me more excited or less excited for the books. 🙂


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