My to do list: fitness style

Many of you may not know this, but I enjoy working out. I like seeing physical progress, whether it be running faster, more pushups or getting deeper into a stretch. For the past couple years I had a gym membership on my campus and free group fitness. However, there were a couple classes they did not have, and also a couple other fitness things I’d like to do.

Hiking– More specifically, the bluffs in LaCrosse, WI because I almost went to school there and they told us about them during the tour and I haven’t been able to go yet.

Canoe– As I’ve told a couple of people, I tried kayaking once and couldn’t steer. So why do I want to try a canoe? Because I want to. I don’t really have a reason except that if theimg_20160621_141900288.jpg opportunity presented itself I would go.

Aerial Yoga– I’m not the most flexible person ever, but I think it would be fun to be in those hammocks and fly for a bit. Plus, I’m working on my flexibility and strength so this may be a reward at some point.

Barre class– This was one the school didn’t have offered, but I see it a lot on Instagram and it looks like it’d be perfect for me. Maybe one day I will take it.

Personal Training– I think this is something everyone should do, just to find new exercises or a personalized routine for a bit. My school had sessions you could sign up for but they always filled up before I got a chance to sign up for one.

Is there anything you think I should do?

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