Challenges update: The midway point

It’s that time of the year, the time where I should theoretically be through half of my challenges I had outlined here.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: My goal for this one was to read 90% of the list, so that means 36 books. I’ve read 15/36, which isn’t that bad, especially compared to some of my other challenges.

outdoyourselfOutdo Yourself: This challenge my goal was to read 16 more books than the year before. Last year I read 37 books. I’ve read 26, so I’m well on my way, just a tad bit behind schedule ( about 4 books).



#letsdiscussDiscussion Challenge: I wanted to do 1-12 discussion posts and I’ve done 2 that I consider discussion, but I’ve done a lot more that aren’t necessarily discussion but aren’t just reviews either which is what my goal was. Really if I had done one I would have completed this one.



Shelf love: Here’s where it’s embarrassing. I wanted to read 21 books that I already owned at the beginning of 2016 and I’ve read 7. Yes, 7. No, I did not forget the 1 in front of it. Seven. Seven. I guess I just love my library too much.



My other goals included reading more nonfiction (I had read none in 2015) which I have done, I’ve read one and a half (half the collection was short story, half nonfiction). I bought another one and have a list going but I do need to make some progress on that whole shelf love challenge as well.

I wanted to keep up with my fitness journal, which I have been for the most part, though I’ve been eating really badly the last couple weeks, I’ve started doing more yoga and have been feeling a lot better in terms of mindset which is exactly what I need right now.

How are your goals coming along?


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